NBA transfer rumor: Utah Jazz in negotiations with the Suns over draft picks

According to John Gambadoro of Arizona Sports, the Phoenix Suns and Utah Jazz have had trade talks about pick 22 as well as picks 29 and 32. He mentioned it on his latest episode of the Burns & Gambo Show:

It's no secret that the Jazz have been trying to move up in the draft. A report from Jonathan Givony and Jeremy Woo released today said the Jazz are in trade talks with all of their draft picks. From the latest article from Draft Express:

Utah is said to be actively involved in transfer talks, both with this pick and the possibility of combining picks Nos. 29 and 32 to get into the late teens. The Jazz are mentioned with center and point guard candidates and could be willing to move some depending on how the draft unfolds.

A trade between these two teams almost makes too much sense. Talents like Tidjane Salaun, Isaiah Collier, Ryan Dunn and Bub Carrington are likely up for grabs in the 22 area. Additionally, Phoenix may want to add younger talent before they lose control of their pick ownership until 2031.

However, it's also possible to keep all three picks without a trade happening. Andy Larsen of the Salt Lake Tribune wrote about Utah Jazz GM Justin Zanik's thoughts on the ESPN report about their trade in the draft. Here's what he had to say:

Zanik agreed that the team would like to make a change in the draft – but said the most likely scenario for the team is that they keep their three picks. “It always takes another team to agree,” he explained.

In recent years, the Jazz have become known for their smokescreens and lack of publicity of their franchise moves, making it harder to discern their intentions. Has Utah found someone they like? Do they simply not have enough space for three more rookies? With the NBA Draft just two days away, the Jazz are closer to making their first move of the offseason.

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