The Amish Experience gives tourists an insight into the life of the Pennsylvania Dutch

Image via The Amish Experience.

Tourists in Lancaster County can enjoy the true VIP experience, Amish style. The Amish Experience offers visitors a unique insight into the life of the Pennsylvania Dutch.

The VIP or “visit in person” tours take small groups of up to 14 tourists to three authentic Amish properties. The tour begins during milking season at one of the dairy farms.

The second visit is to a craftsman's workshop where you can learn about their craft. This may include carriage builders, goat cheese makers, wooden toy makers or canners. The tour ends at the home of an Amish family where participants can ask them questions.

According to Clinton Martin, president of Amish Experience, the Amish have a very strong social network.

“They are all like one big vine,” said Martin.

When the tour company first started, only one or two families participated. But it wasn't difficult to get to know others, and now the Amish Experience is connected to 30 to 35 different households.

Also for larger groups looking for a similarly authentic experience: On the “Meal in an Amish Home” tour, bus groups of 50 to 100 people can enjoy a hearty meal of Amish cuisine in a barn.

The travel company partners with an Amish family-owned catering company to offer traditional dishes such as pot roast, coleslaw, corn, baked chicken or shoofly pie.

Smaller groups have recently been able to take part in the “Eating in an Amish Home” tour. So far, it has been a huge success.

“It worked really well, I’m happy with the response,” says Martin.

Read more about the tours on The Amish Experience website.

An insight into the Amish Experience.

Editor’s note: This article first appeared on DELCO Today in June 2023.

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