ESPN’s Legler Thinks The Miami Heat Should Look To Trade Jimmy Butler; Not Extend Him

ESPN NBA analyst Tim Legler thinks it’s time for the Miami Heat to move on from Jimmy Butler.

Legler feels it’s time to look for someone younger. He also said that there is no doubt that Butler is a clutch post-season performer, but that he has a tendency to walk through the regular season.

Legler doesn’t believe the Heat should offer the two-year contract extension Butler wants.

“Let’s fold,” Legler said on ESPN’s NBA Today show. “I know that’s a big statement, but I was sensing something from the Heat last year. I feel like they are at a point where they want Jimmy Butler to prioritize the regular season more than he does. It’s reached the point where they are a little frustrated with that.”

Legler reiterated his position that trading Butler would yield a younger star in return. Butler’s name is already surfacing in trade speculation.

“Is it time to think about, with Bam Abedayo as a guy you can put a star next to,” Legler said. “It is time to get a guy a little bit more in the prime years of their career that pay a little bit more attention to that regular season that can also be a reliable playoff performer.”

Legler closed with the fact that the relationship between Butler and the Heat has deteriorated of late.

“They want more from Jimmy Butler and I don’t think this is trending in the right direction,” Legler said.

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