Capitol of swing state reportedly evacuated due to bomb threat mentioning Biden

The State Capitol Complex in Pennsylvania was evacuated on Saturday after every Republican and Democratic member of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives and Senate reportedly received an email in which an individual threatened to detonate “highly lethal” explosive devices at the government facility until President Joe Biden publicly denounces Israel and its actions.

The news was reported by various social media sources as well as local broadcaster Penn Live.

“The email, sent at approximately 5:45 p.m. with the subject line 'My Manifesto,' stated that lead azide explosive devices were hidden in and around the Pennsylvania State Capitol and the Pennsylvania Judicial Center in the name of Palestine,” the report said.

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The report also states that Capitol Police “told PennLive they were aware of the threat but would not comment on the incident at this time.”

“I plan to trigger a device every few hours until Joe Biden appears on national television and publicly condemns the illegitimate state of Israel,” the email said, according to Penn Live's weekend report. “Remember, I am in one of the two buildings armed with a knife and plan to stay here until my last breath!”

According to the report, “Michelle Richwine, a special assistant in the office of the chief clerk of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives, sent a mass email to people at the Capitol.”

“Attention, Members of the House of Representatives and staff – leave the Capitol complex immediately,” the email said. “Do not re-enter until you receive permission from Capitol Police.”

Read the report here.

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