Major highway in central Illinois will soon be repaired

Alex Berger and Esther Kohlmetz

52 mins ago

WASHINGTON, Ill. (WMBD) — After loud protests from the public, the road known as Business Route 24 is set to be extensively expanded.

The road, which is under the jurisdiction of the Illinois Department of Transportation, will have potholes and medians removed and bumps smoothed out.

Washington Mayor Gary Manier said the city needs this construction project.

“The final reconstruction will probably be four lanes with a center turn lane, and some of the medians will be removed,” he said. “If you look at part of this corridor, this grassy median was actually choking traffic.”

“When the entire remodel is completed, it will be much more business-friendly,” Manier said.

Construction is expected to begin in the fall or spring, and local businesses are excited to see what this means for traffic flow to their stores.

“We're so grateful that they're coming out to do this because it's going to help our brand here in Washington,” said Joe Russell, owner of Russell's Cycling & Fitness in Washington. “You don't have to be a stunt rider to handle bumpy roads anymore. I'm not kidding. We've had repair after repair and bumps to ride around. That's all going to be taken care of. We're very excited.”

The start of construction in autumn or spring is considered the first phase of the project.

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