ECCBL All-Stars shine at Memorial Park

Julia Henry

The inaugural East Coast Collegiate Baseball League (ECCBL) Home Run Derby and All-Star Game took place on Saturday, July 6, at Memorial Park, home of the Quakertown Blazers.

The Home Run Derby consisted of two rounds. The participants of the Home Run Derby were: Ahmir Cournier, Dennis Pierce, Jake Millan, Troy Davis, Jack Mislan and Justin Fogel.

In round 1, each participant had 10 outs and the best two of six advanced.

Round 2 was conducted with a two-minute timer, with each competitor given a 45-second timeout. Mislan opened the final round and finished it with two home runs.

Millan won the Home Run Derby with four home runs.

The league consists of eight teams, four in each division. The South All-Stars defeated the North All-Stars 4-3.

North took an early 2-0 lead at the end of the second period and South equalized at the beginning of the third period.

South scored its final two runs in the fourth inning on a leadoff double by Marco Mannino, followed by a single by Mislan.

CJ Orrego hit a deep fly ball to right field. Jordan Nitti and Parker Muratore got two outs before Cournier and Vinny Davis got back-to-back walks.

Shane Fillman scored the final run of the game for the North All-Stars in the bottom of the fifth inning.

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