The driver's license of a New Hampshire truck driver who was acquitted in 2019 after a fatal accident remains revoked, a judge rules

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy looks back at the gallery before closing arguments begin at his trial in Coos County Superior Court in Lancaster, NH, on August 9, 2022. (David Lane/Union Leader via AP, Pool, File)

A man who was acquitted of charges of speeding through a line of bikers in a multiple-fatal crash in New Hampshire in 2019 will have his license revoked for the full seven years required by law, a judge has ruled.

Volodymyr Zhukovskyy, 28, was found not guilty on all counts in 2022. He is accused of leading to the deaths of seven members of the Jarheads Motorcycle Club, which consists of Marine Corps veterans and their spouses, on June 21, 2019 in Randolph, NH.

The date of his seven-year license suspension is June 24, 2019. His license has been suspended since then, but the ruling issued today by Administrative Law Judge Ryan N. McFarland of the New Hampshire Bureau of Hearings means Zhukovskyy will be barred from driving for nearly two more years.

McFarland's order details the known facts and circumstances of the crash and then lists both the mitigating and aggravating circumstances of those facts.

McFarland cites aggravating circumstances: that there were “warning signs for (Zhukovskyy) that would have made him realize that his driving was not reasonable or safe”; that Zhukovskyy had “consumed a large amount of drugs that morning” and was using heroin and cocaine two to three times a day at the time; that Zhukovskyy should have known that he had to be more careful than he did when driving a 65-foot-long vehicle; and that the accident was “not an isolated incident” since Zhukovskyy had admitted to previously pulling a trick in Texas and to using drugs at the time.

McFarland said the only mitigating circumstances were that Zhukovsky had been sober for nearly five years “and that he had turned his life around since the incident.”

Zhukovskyy was found not guilty of all charges against him on August 9, 2022, after a 12-day trial. It was a verdict that shocked not only the surviving Jarheads members, but even the governor himself.

The verdict was “an absolute tragedy,” New Hampshire Governor Chris Sununu said that day, adding: “The Fallen Seven received no justice today.”

The accident claimed the lives of Jo-Ann and Edward Corr, both 58, of Lakeville; Michael Ferazzi, 62, of Contoocook, NH; Albert Mazza, 59, of Lee, NH; Desma Oakes, 42, of Concord, NH; Daniel Pereira, 58, of Riverside, RI; and Aaron Perry, 45, of Farmington, NH

“It doesn't make sense,” said Albert Mazza, the namesake of his son who died in the crash and served as chairman of the club, after the verdict. “Seven people are dead. Seven families are affected. It's strange that he didn't get anything.”

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