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The Synthetics release “Glimpses of Heaven”

Orlando's underground music scene has experienced a post-punk renaissance in recent years with the emergence of a number of stylish new bands, and young duo The Synthetics have sprung up right in the heart of this fertile activity.

Their combined resume includes singer Nathan Munizzi and guitarist Sean Labree, as well as such household names as Daisy-Chain and RV. As The Synthetics, Munizzi and Labree continue to carry the torch as devoted and true disciples of 1980s post-punk.

However, shortly after forming The Synthetics, the two musicians were signed to Teen Suicide, the well-known former Baltimore band of Sam Ray and Kitty Ray (known to many as Daytona star Kitty), now based in Orlando. Being the rhythm section for this nationally known touring group has taken up a lot of time over the last two years.

But now The Synthetics are finally back and with the new Glimpses into the sky EP, their first release since their 2022 debut singles (“Assume the Position” and “Sin City”) and their first collection ever.

Like the moody, brooding tone set by those two introductory songs, The Synthetics' new work is a faithful portal back into the shadowy underground that first began to branch out and stand on its own two feet after punk irrevocably changed everything. In this sprawling post-punk spectrum, The Synthetics draw direct inspiration from the darkly melodic source grounds that spawned the early sounds of The Cure and New Order. While their first singles were a sophisticated throwback to the beginnings of post-punk, The Synthetics' latest, evolved work recalls the moment when that era began to become something compelling and entirely its own.

All four songs here are, without exception, a further development for her. With even more dimension and aesthetics, Glimpses into the sky is a compact compendium of the eternal gothic pop alchemy of shimmering melodies and dark sensitivity.

Glimpses into the sky is streaming everywhere now and is at the top of TLU's Spotify playlist, but the EP is also available on Bandcamp as a download with a price of your choice.

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