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The Idaho Envirothon is a unique hands-on educational competition held once a year at Living Waters Ranch in Challis. It's such a great event that students and organizers hope more Idaho teams will get involved. Here's organizer Chris Banks: We want as many kids from all over Idaho as possible to come and enjoy this environment and participate in this program and get their hands dirty, so to speak, while they learn, and what better place could be for that. And so we really want more kids to participate in this program. Wow. North Idaho Stem Charter Academy won the 2024 Idaho Envirothon, their second win in a row. How does it feel, guys? Amazing. Good. Yes. Scary. Definitely. We've grown as a team by doing it too. So, yeah, the friendship is strengthened by doing it too. Speaker3: So it's an amazing feeling. Speaker4: The Envirothon competition is great. It's a lot of fun. We don't play a lot of, uh, common sports like soccer or basketball or anything like that. Instead, we do a lot more knowledge-based competitions. We've hosted the forestry competition in Farragut the last few years. We also do a lot of robotics competitions, like the First Tech Challenge and the First Lego League. Speaker1: The Idaho Envirothon is a great learning opportunity, but it's a competition.

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